Let’s go trick-or-treating dressed up like Marilyn Manson
Snatch up all the kiddies and then hold them all for ransom

I trust everyone had a lovely All Hallow’s Eve.
I dressed up as Ashlee Simpson and went around blaming embarrasing mistakes on everyone around me!
Hah! Look at me! I’m topical!
Just kidding! I was Ace Ventura again, because if I shell out 6 bucks at a thrift store a year ago, you’d better be DAMN sure I’m wearing THAT shit again.
So, I wore my pink tutu and hawaiian shirt underneath a thick blanket as I sat out in the freezing cold with my mom’s neighbors/only friends/link to outside world as they watched the Steeler game on a television, told the score to all the long-faced dads, and argued about politics.
It made me sick. Even the ones I agreed with. Especially the ones I agreed with. Because it makes me some sort of monster for siding with them and their hate for all things different.
I am not scared for the outcome of the election (here I go again), but I am scared for the OUTCOME of the election.
See, the difference is the caps lock.
Allow me to be fucking Nostradamus here for a minute, I have had my impending doom feeling again (Update, the last one was a fluke. See, I’ll admit when it’s Braxton Hicks Impending Doom Feelings), and this one’s not too hard to predict.
SOME shit is going to go down, whether it’s fisticuffs, litigations, riots, god knows what else.
Re-counts, angry Americans, cats and dogs living together, UGH, someone just KNOCK me out and wake me up in a month, when…well, when everyone still hates everyone.
Next update: We never speak of any of this again!

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