Kontent Krazy

Don’t you love it when people force alliterations using letters the words didn’t originally start with?
I sure do.
Anyway, I made a new link for you to flaunt my amazing talent that can only be equated to your average 5-year-old girl in the 1800s. Knitting! Knit ‘er done!
That’s the first of many knitting-related puns I will bombard you with until I get sick of this hobby and light all my yarn on fire like I have with all my ill-fated ephemeral hobbies.
I am also soon adding a Grammar section to this site, so I can get reams of email from people pointing out when I disobeyed my own rule. Well, technically, they’re not MY rules, but these people will still technically be dickheads.
(You can start by complaining that the first sentence of this entry ends with a preposition!)
Also, Melissa is great and everyone should love her and buy her presents so she shows me around L.A. and forgives me for not mentioning her in my last post which is the last of many promises to her that I’ve broken.
PS — I’m giving your Counting Crows shirt back when I move out there.
I didn’t really set it on fire and throw it out the window accidentally.

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