Knowing is half the battle.
(Don’t sue me, Hasbro)

So, say you knew a really cool young webdesigner who fancied herself quite a quipper.
And one day she decided to sit down and design a few images she thought were pretty funny to be sold on a cloth material to other comedy conesuiers.
These jokes relied on popular culture, and as such, certain fonts and a few logos were used that could be easily traced back to certain movie-related corporations and one government military institution.
What this one nice webdesigner would like to know is if there are any nice copyright lawyers or other type of Smart Law-Type Person out there who could tell her something along the lines of either:
-“You’re just fine! You fall under the Fair Use as Parody category, and you will make millions of children smile.”
-“That’s a little iffy, but if anyone had a problem, they would contact you, and all you would have to do is take your idea/product off the internet, and you’ll be fine.”
-“You are guilty for even thinking of it, and the police are on their way to your house right now.”
This is all completely hypothetical and I in no way have dreams of quitting my job and selling t-shirts to frat boys.
Advice is appreciated.

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