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Skullz Dot Hat

I made this by combining the SNB Kittyville pattern with the Skully pattern on the sleeve of that one sweater.
I'm talking to you like you know or care about specific SNB patterns, so let's all pretend.
The maroon thread curled under for some reason. I can only guess it's because when I was knitting the pattern, I got all nervous and held the yarn tighter, pulling it inwards.
Gay thing is, I didn't adapt the Skully pattern well enough, and I ended up cross-stitching the yarn into a recognizable pattern.
I made it for Joe, and I made it a wee bit smaller, because I have a bigger head than his. Only literally, though.
When completed, the pattern sits a bit higher on the head than I'd like, but at the perfect angle for flattering cam pics.
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