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Harry Potter Wristband/Can Cozy

I got the inspiration from the Stitch N Bitch Punk Rock Wristbands, but I didn't like the patterns, so I made my own, which made it ridiculously large, because my made-up font was out of control!
Then I realized that it fits arms (though a really big portion) and cans.
I don't know enough about thermal dynamics to be able to explain how cozys work.
It seems to me that if you wrap something up in wool, it's gonna get a lot warmer, but whatever, Nature.
I should write down my pattern and mass produce these puppies.
What Life Looks Like As a Hot Girl
Um, I mean, I already know? Aw, man. No, I don't.
Hollywood ASST
Don't you love people making fun of the jobs you can't even get? I KNOW I SURE DO.
Do You Speak English?
I actually don't speak English, either.