Dude, knitting is fucking metal.
It's all the rage currently thanks to mainstream books like "Stitch N Bitch," and it's taking over the world of high-priced knit goods.
I've been knitting for under six months, and I've been churning out Finished Objects like nothing.
I'm very proud of it and I hope to keep getting better to someday make all the stuff in the expensive knitting magazines I keep buying.
Maybe someday I'll post some articles on "Things They Don't Tell You," because while there are pages and pages of help on the internet, there are a few things that I just had to "wing" and learn on my own, and that pissed me off, so maybe I pass savings onto you!
(read that last part in a Russian Accent)

Finished Objects

Useful Websites
  • Knitting Help
    It's where I learned to knit, prompting shock from my grandmother and a comment on how magical technology is these days.
    Seriously, though, this woman is amazing and she has videos of herself knitting.
  • Knitting Livejournal Community
    While I love to hang out here and see everyone's pretty knitwear and a majority of the people are very supportive, if you comment on anything controversial, be prepared for idiotic drama the likes of which even the WB would pass on. Also: don't comment on anything that has ever been posted in the last 7 years. All 4,000 members are required to have photographic knowledge of all 45,000 articles and the LJ Knitting Elite will knit you hell to pay!
  • Knitty.com
    Awesome articles and patterns.
    I'm not good enough to actually knit anything here just yet, but soon.
  • Girl from Auntie
    Interesting blog and really cool patterns available on Paypal.
  • Knit Club
    Simply by talking about Knit Club, I am breaking the first and possibly second rule of Knit Club.
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