Hoo boy, not only do I still have a TON of pictures to upload from my camera, I have to rip everything off of my friends’ facebooks! Will it ever be done?!

July/August 2007

Departure — From LA to Tokyo to Yamanashi

Ichikawadaimon — Biking to the Fireworks Festival

Orientation — Meeting the Group Bs and touring our prefecture

SETY Conference — How To Be Awkward With Your Co-Workers Before Classes Even Start!

Shopping — The Amazing Japanese Supermarket

September 2007

Izakaya — Japanese Dinner Bars

Soccer — A pick-up game at Dragon Park

Fujiyoshida Fire Festival — Homage to the Fire Gods

October 2007

Lake Motosu Party — Beer and fire in the woods near a lake. Sign me up!

Gohei — The coolest izakaya in Ryuo.

Tokyo Game Show — Chiba and Akihabara

Harajuku — Same trip to Tokyo, Harajuku district

Costco — Who would have thought?

Halloween — Best Party Ever!

November 2007

Japanese Firedrill — Crazy kids

Nirasaki Festival — Dave is a Samurai

December 2007

Senior English — Teaching English to Grandmothers

Melissa Visits — And fun is had

January 2008

Nagano Ski Trip — Wicked Sweet Powda

Snow Festival — Trip to Hokkaido

February 2008

My Parents Visit — But is Japan ready?

March 2008

Kansai Trip Part 1 — Kyoto-masho, Fun in Nara, Osaka, Kobe, and Himeji, GO!

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