I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.
–Mel Brooks

So, I wasn’t going to say anything on here for fear of sounding boastful, but I decided to get over myself, and just let y’all know.
It probably won’t mean much to you, but I’ve been given the sheer fluke of honor in hosting the Funny Bone this weekend for the delightful Mike Birbiglia.
You may have seen him on Comedy Central, or you may have never heard of him.
While I’d love to invite all of you wackos and have you live in my apartment for the week, I am sane. Also, my friend Hsiu is in town, and although, at times, inviting complete internet strangers into my house is preferable to understanding and entertaining the mythical, magical ball of enigma that is my friend Hsiu, I have enough on my plate.
So, I’ll let you all know how it goes.
If you live in the Pittsburgh area, however, contact me, and I’ll tell you dates and times, and how many of your friends you should bring (100) and if it’s less than the number I specify, you should make more, and then invite them.
This weekend, I not only met another one of my comedy idols, Dom Irerra, but I got to watch Felicia do HER first week of hosting.
She did wonderfully, and more importantly, I got to stare at the hottie feature act all weekend, whose name I won’t mention here. Google has a way of getting me into trouble, so I’ll just say that his name was ttaM sivaD, because why would Matt Davis ever do a Google search for his name backwards?! It’s foolproof!!
In internet news, in case you live in a hole, Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade) just had a baby. Well, I assumed it was his wife, but the point is, unless Tycho was protecting his real name from the harsh, cold internet, they named the child Gabriel, which, in case you have never been to the site, or you, you know, don’t like to read things that are in parenthesis, is Mike’s internet handle. (Also, you’re gay.)
This is the coolest nerd inter-news since that one guy named his kid Jon Cusack 2.0 instead of Junior.
It had really cool implications, signifying both how much the site and how much the kid really mean to Mr. Krahulik, and it almost got me wishing that I had put more thought into my own internet handle, or you know, that I were Japanese. Or a fox.
All right, kids, that’s all for today.
Come to my comedy show.

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