International Language of Nerds

Justin: Tommy Lasorda was on the radio today. Do you know who he is?
Lauren: Duh, of course I do! He was the dad on “Mr. Belvedere.”
Justin: Wait, isn’t that the name of the new movie with Brad Pitt where he ages backwards?
Lauren: What?! I don’t even think that movie exists. It was a TV show in the ’80s about a British housekeeper who solved everyone’s problems. Anyway, I think it was Bob Uecker.
Justin: Wanda Sykes was supposed to be in a similar show where she was a rich housekeeper, but she turned it down because it was too stupid.
Lauren: You know what she should be in? A remake of “Amen.”
Justin: What’s Amen?
Lauren: What were you doing in the ’80s?! “Amen” was a show with Sherman Hemsley. It was funny because he was supposed to be religious, but he was actually kind of a sassy and sometimes a jerk. But everyone liked him anyway. You know what I mean?
Justin: Uhh…
Lauren: You know, like that one guy from “Deep Space Nine” with the weird ears.
Justin: Quark?
Lauren: Exactly like him.

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