In search of Sasquatch, that was a kick-ass In Search Of
with Leonard Nimoy kickin’ out the jams…ha!

Sweet ever-loving mother, Comedy Central, WHY DID YOU GREENLIGHT I’M WITH BUSEY?!?!
It’s like, “Okay… what we’re going to do… is get a mediocre comedy writer. Who worships Gary Busey. And send them out to have wacky antics. Now, we all know that Gary Busey snorts more cocaine than a dust buster in a Mexican Flight Attendant’s ass, so we are guaranteed some hilarity!”
“First, establish that we all know he is FUCKALL insane. Then put this kid in the mix to play the ‘straight man’ and act as if HE DIDN’T EXPECT GARY TO DO SOMETHING WACKY! For instance. Sit them around a campfire. Have Gary suggest he should light a stick on fire and chase the Jewish kid around with it. THEN have him do it, and have the Jewish kid look surprised.”
I sometimes like to mute the sound and pretend the show is called Watch Gary Busey’s Teeth Try to Escape From His Mouth and Rule the World.
Someday, Teeth. Someday.
So tomorrow, I go on the radio.
If you’re in Pittsburgh, listen to 1550 AM from 2 PM to 3 PM, and you will hear me have awkward, forced conversation, with someone with whom I have next to nothing in common. It’ll be a fuckaree.
UPDATE: Also, because I mentioned here a few days ago that I wasn’t going to be having sex with Brett Pintado, he left this message on my voicemail.
Why is it that I only have really good hair days when I stay at home outside of everyone’s view? I feel like I should hang out at some Denny’s or something, because it’s just such a shame.
Fucking hair.
I don’t think I have anything of substance to add today.
KT Tatara emailed me, which was very cool, but made me feel like sort of a dick, considering he could have only found my website by googling his name, and finding it on my site, where I basically trashed his friends.
Still, though KT Tatara emailed me! Fucking shit! KT Tatara is HAWT.
Maybe I should like… write him back or something.
Well, I’m up tomorrow at the Funny Bone.
Dear God let this radio show go all right.
Please don’t let me be the little Jewish kid to Jeff’s Gary Busey…