I’m still the same. I still aim high.

To all of you who think I am “suddenly snarky,” I’d like to turn your attention to a Random Month In 2004. I literally scrolled to the bottom of this page and clicked on the first link I saw. I will spare you reading it all, but I’d like to point out that the following things happened in those entries:

  • I told everyone their lives were depressing without me.

  • I called video game developers schmucks who thought they could stick some pixels together in a wacky storyline and call it fun.
  • I threatened to stop updating unless my readers suggested a better game.
  • I voiced the wish to kill members of the media with my mind.
  • I said many, many bad words and used caps lock to express my disgust towards people who got mad at a mayor.
  • I insulted the pope.
  • I suggested America might be better off if we were all eaten by zombies.
  • I expressed my desire to pet a kitten.
  • I yelled at an ergonomic keyboard for existing.

So, yes. I get fired up. I have always gotten fired up. I thought that was kinda the whole reason you kids came here.
I still love YOU, you know. I hate a lot of things, but I love you.

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