I’m gonna tie you up like a baby in a carriage car

Well, let me first get this out of the way — Star Wars 3 trailer.
It was passed onto me, and I have been asked to spread it to the masses, seemingly regardless of the fact that no one comes here because I never update anymore.
I have a lot of things to tell you guys, but my thoughts are jumping around in my head too much to align them into a cohesive update, so I will merely tell you of things to come.
I’ve been wanting so badly to tell you guys about my job, because it’s actually pretty interesting, but, like every other cautionary-tale-abiding netizen, I didn’t want to get dooced. I had to sign a whole ream of nondisclosure crap, but then the Pittsburgh Post Gazette just did this huge story on my company, so I figured maybe I could mention a few interesting things about a day in the life of me.
Also, thanks to the gent who provided y’all with the Star Wars trailer, I am now able to scan every picture I’ve ever had, so I’ve been scanning and resizing and uploading pictures from Felicia and my New York trip from last May, a phlog of every comedian I’ve ever met, and tons of other funnenized content for your optical pleasure.
So I’ve been doing that, PLUS, I’m designing a section for Felicia, which means html troubleshooting, plus scanning and uploading pictures of HER wacky ass.
What else…
Oh, yeah, I just had another week at the Funny Bone. (Yay!)
I hosted for the veritable Ryan Dalton and the unadjectivable Mike Lukas.
It was a ton of fun, and I think I learned a lot, but I wish I had learned more.
I still felt off the whole week.
My other impending feeling of doom didn’t really come to pass (depending on your political perspective), but I definitely felt one-off the whole week.
I don’t know how else to explain it.
Little wierd things happened that added up to make my world surreal that probably wouldn’t be noticed by anyone but me.
Like not having my normal parking space for the first time in 9 months, seeing 3 buses break down right in front of me in one day, and walking into work to find a stairwell full of dead bees. THAT kind of thing, YOU know.
My friend Becca’s dad said it best — the one-off feeling.
She’s 20, and she met her biological father for the first time about 6 months ago.
Her mom up and moved out of state, and so she went on a quest to find her real dad, who didn’t even really knew she existed, since her mom and her dad broke up before she was born.
Anyway, Becca’s kind of a wacky character herself, sort of a goth Daria that mixed a Powerpuff girl…if that sort of combination can even exist.
Anyway, the day she tracked down her dad, his mother was there to verify that in fact, she knew of Becca’s hidden birth, and she was telling the truth, and they should get to know each other.
Her dad replied, “I knew something weird was gonna happen today, because when I was taking my usual outdoor walk, I fell into a creek.”
That was what my whole last week was like.
In other news, today was my boyfriend, Jack Osbourne’s 19th birthday (hot).
I haven’t called him yet to give him his present (me), but the night is young, and so is he.
Well, kids, that was a little taste of things to come.
Life is good for me right now. Let’s hope I don’t fuck anything up.

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