I wish turkey only cost a nickel

Thanksgiving with the family is always a treat. I got to hang out with some cousins and children of cousins, and it was neat to notice them growing older and slowly taking on a personality of their own.
Two of them are 11-year-olds, and Jordan and I were amazed at how funny they were. Who knew kids could make jokes? Then we won them over by breaking down in slightly inappropriate funky dance moves while the grown-ups sang Christmas carols. We’re totally hip in their books.
The funniest part of my evening came when one of my 4-year-old cousins came charging in the door of the room where I was hanging out and screamed “Guess what? You look like a babysitter!” This was doubly delightful because this was only the second thing he’s ever said to me in his life — the first being the night before, when he informed me, “Guess what? I’m going swimming at the hotel even though it’s night.” And second because he has one of those speech impediments where he sounds like Homestar Runner, so it actually sounded more like he said, “You look like a babysitt-uw!” before running back out, laughing hysterically.
I joined him in hysterics, because non-sequitur stuff is funny. Is it the glasses? It’s the glasses, isn’t it? Is it because I’m awkward? Is it because I’m obsessed with Edward Patinson? The world may never know. Maybe I’ll ask him what he meant when he’s 11.