I wish they all could be…

I’ve actually been here in L.A. for a few days, but there isn’t a hard line running to the guest house yet, so I’m forced to sneak into my landlord’s office dressed like a ninja and update.
There weren’t any kiosks along the way, either, and I will have my mom issue a written apology for saying there was along with the one she owes me for accusing me of having porn show up on my grandmother’s computer when she clicked on a link, when actually it was a popup left over from some time my cousin or uncle “accidentally” was “tricked” into going to some site that left porn spyware.
Well, I can’t talk, because I have to eat a hot dog at Costco — aka my new kitchen — and then drive with Justin to Redondo Beach — aka probably as easy to navigate to as Jupiter.
Oh, no, landlords showing up!

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