I will not make a “Leaving on a JET plane” pun

It’s weird that, for everyone else in the world, this is a normal day.
For me, I feel sad, sick, nervous, excited, confused…I keep obsessing over what time I’m supposed to be at the airport to leave for Japan, what time the meeting is tonight, if I’ve packed everything I need. I keep looking at the clock and thinking I’m late or I missed the plane and I’m going to be fired. Hey, last week, I thought I completely forgot about my birthday, and my friends had a party without me, somehow forgetting to call and remind me.
Now that it’s down to the final countdown, I keep thinking, “This is the last Triscuit I’ll eat for a year!” “This is the last time I’ll see that carpet commercial for a year!” “This is the last 1:01 PM I’ll have in America!”
I’m trying to pet Scamp all I can, and he’s even being nicer than usual. He knows what suitcases mean, so he can tell that something’s afoot — or a-paw, as he likes to say. What a joker!
I’ve been trying to tie up all my loose ends, letting my hairdresser know I’m leaving, my CPA, the Wendy’s drive-thru guy. I’ve let all my credit cards know that I am not an identity thief of myself, and I am the one using my cards in Japan. I’ve packed all my bags so that I get rid of all the heavy, cumbersome stuff at the gate, and I can keep my suit, laptop, and Harry Potter easily accessible on a 10-hour flight.
I haven’t eaten a home-cooked meal in almost 3 weeks because I’ve either been out doing errands or meeting with friends.
Well, assuming I bring all the necessary cables, I should be posting next from my apartment in Japan, or maybe even in the hotel in Tokyo. Yay!
And now, off to the pre-departure meeting. It doesn’t start for 2 hours, but sitting in the parking lot with my new DS sure beats having a heart attack every 10 minutes when I think I’ve forgotten about it.

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