I swear I won’t say “Hoppy” late Easter

This has been a pretty cool weekend.
Yesterday I saw Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, and even though I bought the cheap seats right behind a damn pillar, it was a very cool evening.
Then for Easter, Justin and I went to IHOP (get it?), and that, too, was delightful.
Then I uploaded some videos of Scamp to YouTube which you can view here. For some reason, none of them have comments but my first one, Cat Basketball, and that one has 17. Who knows? They probably put me on some new user list that put that video up top. Lame.
Anyway, I figured, why have the internet wonder if I’m a crazy cat lady, when they can just see proof?
In other news, I read dooce.com almost every day, and she recently opened up comments on her blog. I had no idea she had that many readers. How does she do it?
Anyway, some people post with really rude things to her because, well, this is the internet. She’s said in the past that no matter how many nice emails she gets from people praising her website and her writing, the (rare) mean ones hurt so much more than the nice ones could even it out.
Although mean comments and emails do sting me more than they should for being on the internet as long as I have, I still get a little shocked when I happen upon some cool hidden praise. I was just linked in two livejournal communities for my pictures of Scamp doing wacky and cute things.
Okay, sure, a lot of the praise was for Scamp being so cute, but I think I can take credit for the play-by-play that got the LJ lolz. (I can’t believe I just used that word.) When I saw someone linking my site, I almost couldn’t believe it. It’s like that part in “When Harry Met Sally” when some chick quotes some article to this writer guy, and he was the one who wrote it. I’ve never been quoted to myself!
And sometimes when I find a link on a person’s page that I don’t actually know, it shocks me a little at how nice people are for, well, finding me interesting.
I used to keep my hate mail in a separate folder in my mailbox, I don’t know, because I’m a masochist or something. Maybe I thought it would keep me from getting too big a head. Maybe I’m just that organized.
It was lost in some great crash, and I’m really glad it was, because I like feeling the love from you great people.
So, thanks, guys.
You make all this complaining and sarcasm worthwhile.
At times, I may seem gruff and curmudgeonly, but inside, I’m just a soft little kitten.
Dressed up like a pilot.

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