I loathe the undead

You know, I look forward to Friday every week, because it means Friday Night Stand-Up on Comedy Central.
Because of it, I was introduced to the splendiforous Mike Birbiglia, who is coming here in July, and who you should all go see, if you live here, and also if you don’t.
But so far, this week.
I just saw John Heffron, I think.
Hey, John. I remember you. Back when you were named MITCH FATEL.
It’s such a shame when people actually have good material, but steal someone else’s stage character.
NO ONE has a character like Mitch, except Mitch.
I am currently obsessed with the television show Arrested Development.
Man, as if David Cross weren’t enough to make me worship, Jason Bateman’s comedic timing is just beautiful. It makes me want to cry. It makes me want to punch babies, THAT’S how funny it is.
I watched Night of the Living Dead the remake last night with Brett in preparation fot the Dawn of the Dead matinee viewing tomorrow.
Man, am I gonna be scared, or am I gonna want to do Mehki Pfeifer?
Time will tell.
Also, I am broke again. I wasn’t for a little bit, but then I moved in, and the credit card bill just came.
Shoot me in the head.
Or if not, just bid on some more of my life.