I guess this is growing up

When I moved out of my parents’ house, I always thought it wasn’t a big milestone.
I mean, I knew I had to get out of there, but I was never one for celebratory moments.
I was so bored during my high school graduation, my family thought I was ill.
My high school was so small that we all fit on the stage of our auditorium and the audience faced us. Being that my wonderful last name is near the beginning at the alphabet (great for lining up for stuff, bad for giving presentations in class), I sat in the front row, and I guess everyone in the audience could see my eyes rolling practically out of my head during the boring-ass speeches and accolades of my former classmates.
My college graduation was pretty boring as well. I assume. I played Game Boy and read a copy of Maxim throughout the duration. I’m sure I missed a wonderful speech using some metaphor for going into the world and being leaders of the future, blah blah blah. I’m glad I didn’t listen now, because it would have rang through my ears back when I was a waitress and the tears may have saturated my customers’ food.
So after college, I obviously moved back home for a few years, which turned out to be smart financially, because I was able to buy my own car. And when I moved out, I never thought it would be a big deal, since I was moving all of 20 minutes away, even though I teared up a bit driving away. Until I remembered I’d be coming back before the week’s end to do my laundry.
But it did turn out to be a big deal. Even when I lived off-campus at school, I still just paid my rent to Sean when he asked me. Being older than Felicia, I automatically assumed the role of Bill Payer and teacher of a few other things like How To Boil Water and Why You Should Always Listen To Me And Other Ways To Avoid Being Punched In The Face. We have a great time together.
I somehow started cooking and I love to do it, even though just last night I made Crabmeat Casserole and forgot to add the creabmeat.
I started knitting and I also love to do it, even though I’ve been working on the front half of a tank top for over a month.
I started cleaning without being asked, and I actually cared if someone came over to visit a messy apartment, even though I always told my mom after refusing to let me have a sleepover that “if my friends really liked me, they wouldn’t care what our house looked like.” But that was just my sly attempt at getting out of cleaning the toilets that my brother apparently used while drunk, blindfolded, with a severe case of vertigo, and after drinking a Big Gulp.
Now I clean my own bathrooms, even if nobody’s coming over!
Somewhere along the line, I also took to being The One who calls up Comcast and demands a refund when our cable goes out for days and who writes rude letters to ReplayTV when they decline to give me my $100 rebate regardless of the fact that I obeyed all the rules. The letter was actually a joke, sort of, written in such a condescending manner that I only wrote because I had already considered the rebate gone and figured I had nothing to lose.
I just got the rebate a few days ago, so someone there has a sense of humor.
I’ve also done a bunch of things I swore I’d never do, but somewhere along the line I started actually reading the parts of the newspapers that weren’t the comics and visiting cnn.com on an increasing basis.
I accepted an Xbox from my younger brother in exchange for my iPod, and I actually enjoy the games I have for it.
I…I started playing an MMORPG. I’m sorry, guys. I started and I can’t stop.
I’m not going to tell you which one it is, but WoW do I like it.
Okay, so a lot of these things aren’t about growing up specifically, but they are in the way that I’ve accepted allowing myself to do things I forbade myself to do or hadn’t ever desired to do before.
I guess it gives me a little bit of hope, because I’m about to be faced with a few daunting tasks including but not limited to moving to a state where I know almost no one or anything about it, getting a transfer to a job, finding my own apartment, and moving all my stuff.
You just always expect yourself to wake up one day and be an Adult, and then one day you wake up and you’re almost 25 and you still feel like an 18 year old. It’s sometimes a neat realization, like the day almost a year ago when Felicia off-handedly suggested that we go to New York, and suddenly we were just there, without our moms or dads or anyone approving or telling us what to do and where to go and if we needed to be careful.
That’s just the stuff I’ve been thinking about.
I’d love to keep telling you about how much I’ve grown, but my level 11 night elf hunter needs to kill some Deadwood Avengers, and my pet nightsaber, ChairmanMeow, is none too happy that I’m sitting here typing this instead of feeding him a delicious mackerel.

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