I can do a wicked Teen Girl Squad

Lately, I’ve been getting a weird hankering for some voice acting.
I mean, everyone and their mother has some flash animation or video editing software.
Well…*I* don’t. But I know people who do.
As you may be aware, I did a quick stint for clanbob.net a while back, and I actually had a lot of fun doing it. I cannot however, go back and listen to it, for the unfortunate reason of going into a pokemon-like seizure every time I hear my own crappy voice pretending to like pie or be British.
I was actually totally pumped to be doing a favor for Aaron, but I got one of those things where you’re all ready for your 2-minute spot on the radio or whatever, then someone tells you, “Man, like millions of people are about to hear your voice. Tons of people. Truckers, people in hospitals, people doing their jobs who listen to the radio only for the minute auditory escape it provides them and prevents them from snapping and poisoning all their coworkers. Welp, good luck!”
Then as soon as you get in front of the microphone, you’re like every line Squall spoke in FF8.
He and Serge from Chrono Cross would be great friends.
So, yeah, maybe the pressure of the huge fanbase of clanbob was too big, but if anyone out there in HBM readershipland ever needed anyone to, you know, like, talk into a microphone for free, I’d be more than happy to do it.
If I had the talent and resources (read: not crappy computer), I’d even put some effort into doing it myself!
I just stumbled onto Pure Pwnage and I was like, “Wait, I’m a nerd, too! AND I’m narcissistic enough to want my voice or likeness all over the internet moreso than it actually is!”
Plus if my WoW server keeps messing up and needing restarted and causing whole fucking hemispheres to not exist, I’m gonna have a lot of free time.

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