I am no hero. Oh, that’s for sure.
But I do know one thing — where you are is where I belong.

First, kitties, I’d like to start this blog out on a sad note if I could.
Last night, my great uncle John died. I didn’t know him very well, and we knew it was coming, but in my childhood memories, he was always a very classy man who knew how to make us kids laugh.
If they have internet connections in heaven, I’d just like him to know he’s in my thoughts and wish him the best.
Now, onto lighter things.
I have some phlogs for your appreciation or jealousy or whatever they induce you to emote.
First, is Felicia and my trip to New York. Enjoy.
Second is a collection of me with famous comedians. Some are repeats from the New York trip, but I can hardly have one grouping omit any from either.
I have also reshuffled my cams. I took out cams that haven’t been updated in months, broken links, and people I generally find vapid.
The rest of the Luckies I left on were rearranged, and I make no qualms about how I chose to re-order them.
The first four pages or so are peppered with people whose stats add up highest in the areas of Hit Points (my closest friends), Magic Points (people who have helped out with my site), Skill (people who could possibly help out my inter-career), and Vitality (people with whom I want to have sex).
After that is basically a random sampling of people who occasionally have interesting cams, and the last pages are people I’d feel guilty for baleeting, due to the number of hits I’ve gotten from their sites.
I’m going to go try out Tales of Symphonia, likely hate it, and then try to start Shenmue from the beginning and wish KOTOR 2 were out already.
Before I go, let me give a shoutout to MattDX3 and my homies at British Airways. Spit spot! Cheerio! Can my dad have a job with you guys when gay-ass Pittsburgh drives USAirways into the ground?

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