I almost forgot how much I hate Waldo.
You feel like such a fool when you find him, and he’s smiling at you in that condescending way like, “Hey, I’ve been here all along. This is a book, man. I can’t special-effect myself out of this shit. If you can’t find me, how are you supposed to find a tiny letter of a word in a book you want to read? I’m at least a 20-point font, bitch.”
You know what, Waldo? Maybe you shouldn’t spend your time hanging out with people WEARING THE EXACT SAME OUTFITS as you! Yeah, the stripy shark with your Santa snow hat threw me off for a while, but I got you eventually.
Then you have the audacity to send me back to look for other crap? My eyes were just getting used to searching for your characteristics, and now I have to find some dumb octopus? Pretty lame, Waldo. More like WalDON’T. Yeah, I went there.

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