I had this dream last night.
I was in Dream Downtown Pittsburgh (wow, I never realized how many of these alternate but consistent dream realities I had. At least I mix them up to keep myself interested). I was with my family and my friend Crystal from here in Japan.
For some reason, I had to go to the hospital. I don’t remember feeling sick or hurt, but just uncomfortable. I saw a doctor right when I got there, and he was really nice, but a little standoffish.
My brother and dad got to the hospital later and talked to the doctor for me. My brother said he got to peel off the doctor’s protective layering, which looked kind of like pantyhose. I guess I had some skin disease, and he was trying to protect himself from my dander.
Then I waited for a really long time in the waiting room. Thusly named! Crystal tried to keep my spirits up by entertaining me, but I didn’t feel as sad as I felt I should have been. Does that make sense?
Finally a wedding party came out, complete with guests and a priest. I realized I was waiting so long because they were going to perform a wedding right there in the hospital. I remember being really sad because I assumed if they were having a wedding in the hospital, it meant the woman (not the man, for some reason) was going to die soon, and she wanted to have one last chance for happiness before she died.
Then I woke up.

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