Ho Ho Meo

So, I made up a little Christmas Carol for Scamp, but I won’t put it here because it’s too embarrassing.
Oh, no! Scamp’s gotten control of the keyboard, and I was somehow able to write this last sentence!!!
“Scampy Claws is Coming To Town”
You’d better not pet
His tail or his paws
Or he’ll show you why
His name’s Scampy Claws
Scampy Claws is coming to town
If you’re standing up
And Scamp gets the chance
You’d better watch out
He’ll climb up your pants
Scampy Claws is coming to town
He licks you when you’re sleeping
He meows when you’re awake
He bites if you’ve been bad or good
So be glad he’s not a snake
Oh, he’ll bring you a gift
He pounced on it twice
It’s probably a bug
Or two little mice
Scampy Claws is coming to town
Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen!

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