Go Ahead Now

I think I might actually spend more time deleting spam from my blog than I actually do blogging.
It’s pretty hard playing for three teams.
I used to have a livejournal to use as an outlet for my personal life too personal for this blog, but then I realized that I’m not all that interesting, and it’s laid dormant for years. I do however rack up the occasional “Which Harry Potter Character would you be if you had a strange illness that only Dr. Gregory House could cure using only the tools available on the island in Lost?” quiz to keep my college friends I haven’t talked to in four years up-to-date with my quiz-taking. (Answer: Ron Weasley with leprosy cured by a mysterious leaf.)
I have another livejournal that I use solely for looking at pictures of kitties and making fun of bad tattoos, and people with poor grammar. I am particularly proud of a comment I recently made mocking a news article wherein I used the phrase “William Shatner School of Journalism.” Yes.
I have a MySpace account, which I use mainly for mocking other people’s MySpace accounts. I was about to write an article mocking all the Pittsburgh comics for having MySpaces which don’t…actually…contain any information other than the fact that they have 15 friends, and Tom is in their Top 8. Then I realized that, well, *my* MySpace doesn’t contain very much else, so I guess we won’t have a scathing black pot/kettle dialogue.
Oh, and speaking of Pittsburgh comics, Tom Kupiek, Tom Kupiek, Brett Pintado, Brett Pintado. There, you can stop googling yourselves.
So this update was to inform everyone that although I technically have 3 blogs, I don’t actually update any of them, so don’t feel bad.
I’m under a cloud of paperwork! I’m working overtime! I’m trying to raise a cat that doesn’t scratch my face off!