Well, I’m alive.
Writing here has been like keeping in touch with an old friend.
I keep putting it off because I feel so guilty for not having done it all along, then I put it off further, because I want to make sure I have a lot of time set aside so I can pour out all my feelings and be riotously hilarious, but all this putting-aside means that I never actually get that time, and feel exponentially worse with exponentially more time needed to apologize and be interesting.
Let’s recap on the past month.
I worked at Performing Arts Camp, and although it was delightful and the kids were great and my helpers were wonderful, I truly think that was my last year.
It’s not just because I’m leaving, either, because I could easily take a month off every year to keep doing it. The stress level of it all just overshadowed the satisfaction level in the end, which is something I’ve never felt, but I believe my helpers and the techies know what I’m talking about. I’ll miss it and the people, but I just think my role in there has overstayed its welcome.
I’ll do the website again this year, and beg you all to go read my hilarious captions of children you don’t even know, and then I’ll imagine that you all did.
I saw Star Wars a few weeks ago, although I believe I was still probably the last person who proclaims herself a nerd to do so. It was a nice surprise, and I’m glad I didn’t hate it as much as 1 or 2. I am, however, confused about the fact that Emporer Palpatine seems to be an avid Blitzball fan. Did anyone else find that scene oddly familiar?
I’m off to work right now, and I’m going to try to catch the end of a Harry Potter release party at Borders tonight, even though I’ll be getting off work at 11:00. It’s said to start at 9:00 and go until a little after midnight, but it’s something I’d like to witness.
If you can’t get all excited and fangirly about stuff, what fun is there?
I’ll be back soon to tell you guys all about my Swiss Semester 10-year reunion.

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