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59 viewsStarting off with Pittsburgh Comics...
First of all, the best two. Ryu and Batman.
21 viewsDan Naturman has a Comedy Central Presents, and I actually got to hang out and have a couple drinks at a New York bar with him.
Aw, yeah, knew him before he was famous, bitches! (Sort of)
23 viewsTed Alexandro did an awesome set at Gotham.
I wish I could see much as I want.
23 viewsDemetri Martin took time to talk to us, even though some friends of his from college were there to see him.
Anyone else might have blown us off, but he stayed to talk, then rode off on his longboard. I think he's part superhero.
21 viewsLeo Allen in a photo that is apparently themed "People With Weird Eyes + Felicia."
Very funny and very nice.
22 viewsMike Girbigaboo actually remembered us meeting him in this shot when he came to the Funny Bone.
Either that, or he read one of the 60 or so emails I sent him that read "OMG, I met you in New York in this picture right here!"
23 viewsOrny Adams is my hero.
He has so much passion for stand-up, and he was a really cool guy to top it all off.
Do not believe the lies in the movie "Comedian."
20 viewsNick DiPaolo with me at the Funny Bone trying to pretend he doesn't hate Pittsburgh so much.
I feel you, man. I feel you.
21 viewsColin Quinn at the Funny Bone getting distracted by Felicia's wishes to have sex with him.
18 viewsColin Quinn at the Funny Bone giving Felicia
comedic advice, as I duck out of the way.
21 viewsI was worried about bothering Ray Romano, so I made my mom ask him if he was allowing people to take pictures of him. Filtered through my mom's insanity, she asked him, phrasing it as, "Are you taking pictures?"
He replied, "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Oh, Ray! That's why everybody loves you!
20 viewsJoe Lowers rocking the fucking suburbs.
In the background, Drunk Tom Kupiec, Drunk Justin Markuss, and Drunk Vic Wallace.
17 viewsThe delightful Mitch Fatel makes me feel like Gigantor.
He let me have 3 guest sets, bless his fake-retarded heart.
19 viewsJim Gaffigan is a delight and a half.
Even though I made a very awkward moment with him when he tried to sell me a CD, and I said I didn't have any money and slowly backed away.
I'm sorry, Jim.
18 viewsI should have called Dom Irerra "My Main Man," considering he's the reason I ever started using that phrase in the first place.
I've loved him and Mitch from way back in the Dr. Katz days. It was nice to see them squiggling live.
18 viewsThis is my second Headliner at the Funny Bone.
His name is Mike Lukas, and I almost spit out an entire Primanti's sandwich, I was laughing at him so hard.
19 viewsMy second week's feature act, Ryan Dalton, who is going places, despite the fact that he, too, is knocking my glasses off my face.
19 viewsThis is Jeff, the owner of the Funny Bone, handing me my first real comedy check.
Doesn't he look happy to be handing out money?!
22 viewsMike Birbiglia was the first Headliner I ever opened for in an A-room.
We're in the kitchen, and you can't really tell, but he's knocking my glasses off.
18 viewsJoe Eberle is my Guinness buddy and also my fellow Grammar Nazi.
27 viewsSome "special people" who wandered into the club.
Um, just kidding. Those are also comedians. Vic Wallace, Joe Lowers, Tom Kupiek, and Brett Pintado. They google themselves a lot and always land on this page. Hi, guys!
29 viewsMe and Melanie Maloy.
She's not a Pittsburgh comic for much longer. Her awesomeness is soon sweeping the nation.
If I'm ever half as good a comedian as her, I'll consider myself a success.
64 viewsMe, Ralphie May, Ralphie May, Ralphie May, and Felicia.
His show was amazing, and I found his social commentary to be very apt.
Also, he bought the whole audience chocolate-covered pretzels.
57 viewsFelicia and Dave Mordal.
I think I was too scared to get a picture with him, because I was afraid of bothering him.
A trait you'll soon learn was thrown to the wayside.
51 viewsGreg Giraldo was very pleasant to talk to, and I hope I work with him someday.
Darrell Hammond is...sitting next to him. He was just as delightful as he looks!
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