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- '03 Trip to New York

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39 viewsToken Road Trip with a Wendy's stop shot.
16 viewsThat's me doing my impression of Jim Norton doing an impression of tourists at Dealey Plaza.
17 viewsHere I'm...pledging allegiance to Caroline's? I hadn't slept in a couple days.
16 viewsFelicia holding up the number of people she will make laugh at her first time at Caroline's. Just kidding! It's less than that!
16 viewsWhen we were in line for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, a family of Puerto Ricans asked us if we would pretend to be in their family and earn them a group discount, making our tickets ten dollars cheaper. The two pale orbs on the left is us with our new family.
16 viewsMe telling the Hulk to fucking BRING IT.
16 viewsSharing a laugh with poorly sculpted Wax Robin Williams. I think his wax was actually stolen from the wax used to make other comedians. (ZING!)
16 viewsMe making my eyebrows look absolutely nothing like Wax Rock's eyebrows.
16 viewsMe telling Wax Susan Sarandon what I think of actors who think their political beliefs mean something.
17 viewsMe firing Wax Donald Trump. Note: His hair here is more real than Real Donald Trump's hair.
17 viewsAt this very same stop, a busload of weirdos was coming from New York to Pittsburgh! So, like any normal person, I asked the bus driver if I could wear his hat.
17 viewsMe sharing my opinion of Wax Julia Roberts.
16 viewsIs it in poor taste to pretend to eat a Wax Big Mac in front of Wax Ghandi?
16 viewsWax Alexander Graham Bell asking if I can hear him now.
The top of my cellphone is also part wax, but that's another story involving poor personal hygiene.
(Just kidding! Gross out!)
16 viewsThat's Wax Abraham Lincoln wondering why I haven't been kicked out yet.
16 viewsMe feeling up Wax Frank Sinatra's hot, waxy ass.
17 viewsFelicia sharing a tune with old, wax Blue Eyes.
17 viewsWax Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick are more charming in real life probably.
17 viewsMe being neurotic with Wax Woody Allen.
16 viewsFelicia admitting she'd cheated on a metaphysics exam and looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to her.
17 viewsFelicia drives as I play Navigator. The irony here is that I could get lost on a racetrack.
16 viewsThis was the crappy room we got.
When we first walked in, there were two janitors sitting there watching our television. Note: Actual size.
17 viewsAm I in the subway, or amatuer strippers' night? The drunken hobo next to me gives nothing away. He could be present at either.
15 viewsFelicia outside the theater she will someday dominate.
16 viewsThis is where we saw Ted Alexandro. And Batman.
16 viewsWith lineups of 4 or 5 comics a SHOW, 4 shows a night, names like Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Jim Norton and more, it's worth having an anxiety attack over the amount of people they cram into this tiny room.
16 viewsJust more worshipping at the Mecca.
16 viewsFelicia at the Late Show. Sign.
18 viewsGreg Giraldo made fun of the Funny Bone in Pittsburgh and made me laugh. Note: Very hot in real life.
Next to him was some leftover wax from the museum.
16 viewsMe, Alan Havey, and Felicia. He is brilliant with crowd work.
15 viewsAll smiles with Dan Naturman.
15 viewsAs soon as we got to New York and parked my car for the weekend, we went to Central Park to plan our day. This picture says more than I ever could.
16 views$2 pizza is the way to a cheap New York trip.
16 viewsTed Alexandro and us reminiscing about New Year's Eve parties of years past.
X! IX! VIII! Aw, fuck it!
16 viewsMe with the guy who played Mark in Rent.
16 viewsOne of the hottest hip-hop peanut vendors in Christendom.
(Note: That caption narrowly won over "A bunch of nuts... standing behind some honey-roasted cashews! LOLOLZ!")
16 viewsBack in Central Park to rest.
17 viewsUs with Superhero Demetri Martin.
16 viewsRocking out with Leo Allen.
15 viewsIs it me or does Mike Birbiglia always look like the photographer just offered him a puppy?
15 viewsIt was Fleet Week.
Look how comfortable Felicia looks with that oh, so intimate physical contact of someone barely touching her shoulder with one finger.
17 viewsOrny invited us to sit down at the "Comedians Only" table above the Comedy Cellar. Somehow while trying to write his name in Hebrew on the table, he mistook a character for the symbol for pi and started calculating equations. I am not making that up, and it was the coolest, most surreal nights of my life ever.
15 viewsWe're sitting on some rocks in Central Park. It was here we noticed a Street Baby wandering around.
16 viewsFelicia and I saw Orny Adams 6 times in two days. It's true that you can get up on stage a ridiculous amount of times when you're big in New York. It was interesting to see how he adapted his 5 minutes in differing situations.
16 viewsOur new friend, Omar, who gave us free Falafel and promised to remember us when we were famous. Fucking only in New York...
17 viewsThis doorman was an asshole.
37 viewsDoes anyone look attractive when they're eating food?
39 viewsThis is a reference to a Monk episode where he was afraid to touch the railing at Rockefeller Center. That's right where he stood in that shot.
39 viewsOutside the company I'll own someday.
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