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- '05 Aruba Vacation

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36 viewsThe Lauren is angry after spending more than 16 hours straight in planes and sprinting through airports.
33 viewsEvery time, EVERY TIME someone takes my camera I tell them NOT to take the picture up-and-down and they ask "Why" and I say "because it screws up the layout of the photo page" and they ignore me and take it anyway.
29 viewsI am making a turtle face before snorkeling.
60 viewsSunbathing on top of the catamaran.
I like things that start with "cat."
28 viewsA pirate ship of hot boys sailed up next to us. And for purposes of this joke, they wanted our booty.
45 viewsRelaxing on a rope grid above water sounds nice until you lay down and it digs into your skin and you weep into the ocean below.
(Fun Fact: This is how the ocean got salty!)
36 viewsNothing says "sexy pose" like wearing a pair of flippers.
30 viewsSnorkeling in ACTION. I am probably searching for my torso. That picture is weird.
42 viewsThe hot crew. Because I don't already look pale enough.
28 viewsStiflingly hot outside? Tennis anyone?
26 viewsArguing over a close call. I ejected her from the game.
37 viewsJordan and Me in the hotel room standing next to our good friend The Flash Reflection In the Mirror.
28 viewsGetting a henna.
31 viewsMy chinese-symbol henna either says "happiness," "good luck," or "silly American pay $16 for henna."
29 viewsJordan and Becky got them, too. Aren't we a hip family?!
24 viewsJordan and I wanted to go to the room while my aunt and uncle were at the pool, but the wind would blow paper away, and I couldn't leave a message in the sand. So I left one with the sand.
33 viewsOur cabana.
26 viewsOur matching outfits were so cute, that for some reason we got teleported into a flashback of a Lifetime movie. Or my lens fogged up.
27 viewsJordan and I befriended the wildlife.
28 viewsMe doing an impression of a macaw.
29 viewsYou can't tell, but I'm a mermaid.
26 viewsAll clean.
22 viewsThere were at least five iguanas or geckos or lizards of some kind in every direction you looked. They were very cute until they tried to run across my feet.
30 viewsFor some reason, these people like to dress up when they go out to eat.
My wacky t-shirt and pajama bottoms didn't fly here, so they dressed me up in their pretty clothes.
30 viewsJordan's Yum-Yum Face.
22 viewsIt's a shame my brother didn't come with me, because there was a bin right before customs that I would have thrown him into.
28 viewsMy cousin Jordan and me illustrating the roulette wheel of family DNA.
30 viewsThis is where I got a relaxing massage.
It's a good thing I don't get massages in the middle of a stressful work week, but rather to ease the tension of a vacation in Aruba.
18 viewsThis is the back half of my arm telling the world where I stopped putting on suntan lotion.
34 viewsAfter a rough day of sipping Pina Coladas by the beach, my aunt and uncle took us to a nice outdoor bar for a drink before our evening dinner with wine, followed by coffee with Irish Cream.
35 viewsYou can't really tell, but these are the weirdest fish in the world who make some circle in the rocks and then float in the center of it, and occasionally attack fish inside other circles. Fish are awesome.
36 viewsSince my uncle is "up there" in the hotel business, the hotel restaurant decided to give us every one of everything on the dessert menu.
Then we all fell into a diabetic coma.
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