Gabe is not a real nerd

Lauren: man, i hope i don’t get on your bad side
you gots grudges
i do too though
Gabe: I have no grudges
I’m rancorous
thats different
Lauren: like a rancor?
Its too early to show me ugly things like that
Lauren: sorry
it’s never too early for jedi
Gabe: sez you
Lauren: who knows if you might see a rancor this morning
you might need to defeat it
i suggest tricking him into eating an explosive charge
Gabe: I can use mind tricks
Lauren: are you dark or light?
Gabe: im a new breed, right down the centre
Lauren: well, you don’t want to be that
i can tell you that right now
that just means you’re not very GOOD at your skills, but you have a lot of them
Gabe: hahahha
Lauren: and it’s “center” here in amurrca
if you’re dark like Lord Vader
you get cool mind tricks
force push
force choke
lightning bolts
Gabe: I wanna be good
but I had a ruff life
Lauren: if you’re light, you have wussy things
like heal
and be nice to fawns
but i guess your soul doesn’t wither to nothing
…we’re not friends anymore, are we?
kevin put an end our friendship the other day
when i likened myself to captain picard and him to commander riker
Gabe: hahaha
can I be that one telepathic woman
but not Geordi
Lauren: well, if you are her, you have to do kevin
but that’s fine
Gabe: k

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