Fuck Tommy Chong

First, I have to get a few things out of the way.
1. The next fuckshit who says “Get ‘er done” anywhere in my immediate vicinity is getting straight clocked in their red-fucking-neck.
I swear to God.
If I thought “‘er” weren’t referring to your sisters, maybe it wouldn’t piss me off so much.
– Side note: They sell Jeff Foxworthy greeting cards at Wal*Mart.
Abandon hope. The apocalypse is nigh.
2. Does ANYONE think the comic Zippy is funny?
I mean, does it even contain jokes?
Seriously, I need answers.
I mean, okay, Doonesbury is for liberals, Family Circus is for religious types, Far Side is for people who have a sense of humor, who exactly is the Zippy crowd?
Bald men who wear bows and don’t pronounce the “E” in “the”?
Somebody, please help me out! < /Seinfeld >
Okay, now that I’m done with THAT.
Knights of the Old Republic has eaten my life.
I played for nearly two days straight, taking minimal breaks for eating and going to the bathroom.
If anyone is playing, or played 17 years ago when it came out, I am a Scoundrel and a Jedi Sentinel, and Carth Onasi will be mine, oh, yes, he will be mine.
Also, I spent a good portion of Saturday night organizing my fonts.
I wish I could say that I was joking.
It’s funny, but from playing KOTOR, I walk around and wonder if the things I do in real life would get me light side points.
Then I laughed, when I decided that I was living by W.W.J.D.
What Would Jedi Do?
Then I cried, because I will die a virgin.
Well, I’m gonna go make some tacos, and then wander around Tatooine for a while.

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