Every so often, we long to steal to the land of What Might Have Been
But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel when reality sets back in

I am the funniest person in the world.
I can say that, you see, because I think that, and if I had won the contest I was in tonight and then said that, it would sound snotty.
I am very attractive, and yet haven’t had a boyfriend in about a year.
I am smart and witty, but haven’t had a boyfriend that wasn’t a drug addict in over two years.
I am begged to come to camp where I am revered and make the children laugh and make everyone’s life easier there by helping out, but the three guys that build flats are getting a raise this year.
I have worked there for six goddamn years, gone to the fucking camp since 1988, and I still get paid $500.
Maybe you didn’t read that correctly.
6 days a week. 8:30-5:00. $500.
WELL, apparently my shoulders aren’t that broad, because I’ve snapped.
Okay, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, sure, maybe it’s the lack of funds, maybe it’s the lack of action in the sack, but something had better give, or I’ma start picking people off from atop a clock tower.
That is all.

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