Edge Cases

I’m not going to try and top Patton Oswalt’s brilliant proclamation that good people will always outnumber evil, but I want to echo some of his sentiments, because (surprise!) I’ve been seeing things around the Internet that depress me.

“I’ve had it with humanity.”

“What is wrong with people these days?”

“Typical America.”

I’ve definitely said the top two before, but even after this awful week, I want to make a concentrated effort not to say things like that anymore.

It can be hard to remember, but people like the ones in the news recently are not typical. Sane, rational people are the vast, vast majority. Good and kind people make up the society around you. For every rude person who ruins our day, or jerk who shouts something at you in traffic, there are hundreds and thousands more who have pleasant interactions with you that you may not even notice. Why? Because you expect it. And I think it’s okay to be entitled for kindness. Luckily, we humans expect it and, most of the time, we get it.

So when I see tweets like this:

And this:

It makes me sad. Does America really handle everything wrong all of the time? EVERYTHING? ALL OF THE TIME? Even I’m not that cynical, and I once disliked a girl for 2 years because of the way she spelled her name.

And is there really something wrong with “people”? Or is it “person”? Or “fringe rando.” “Individual crazed sociopath and brother”?

If you’ve had it with humanity, I mean, YOU’RE humanity. We are humanity. If there’s something wrong with people, then there’s something wrong with you. And I don’t think there is.

I’ll even give you the fact that you may disagree with an entire political party. An entire country. Everyone who holds a particular religious belief. But isn’t there solace in knowing there are people like you? Dare I say that there may even be good things about the people you disagree with besides their faults, from your perspective? “You may be for or against abortion, but at least you are not a terrorist,” is a sentence…well, okay, no one should say, but you can feel it.

I just think there’s a better way to express shock, sadness, and confusion than to blame everyone, raze the Earth to its core, and start over. As weird core people.

Since we all have a choice, why not go for gratitude for a lot or at least anger at a few. It can’t be productive wasting energy on anger at a lot.

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