Earthquake Nightmare

Friday, there was a tiny earthquake in Nagano. I felt it here in Yamanashi, and it was kinda cool. The next day, strangely, I actually went to Nagano, and felt another earthquake in the early morning. It felt the same to me as the other one, but this one’s epicenter was way at the other end of the island, so it must have been crazy strong.
Anyway, earthquakes have kind of been on the mind over the past few days.
Sunday night/Monday morning, I had a terrible nightmare — one of those where I wake up and my jaw actually hurts from gnashing my teeth together from stress.
So at the beginning of the dream, I knew somehow that an earthquake was coming, and I ran outside, even though I know you’re not supposed to. I just felt (and I still do) that it would be easier to dodge some falling tree than being trapped under a desk for days without food. So I run outside, and I see these buildings collapsing in the distance, and they’re all falling forward. So I stand in a clearing behind a building I am sure will fall away from me like the rest.
Well, when the wave hits this building, it falls in every direction, and I see a huge piece break off the top and come barreling down at me faster than anything I could react to. I duck and do the TiVo thing, rewinding my dream enough so that I have time to run off to the side.
But the earthquake keeps going, and I keep looking for shelter. I end up in some park where there’s an artistic sculpture that looks kind of like a silver Jenga tower, and I get caught in the middle of it. The pieces are light enough so that when it tumbles on me, I can push them out of the way, but I soon see that there are so many pieces, I’m gonna get buried and crushed, and I start to panic.
Then I wonder for a minute what’s happened to people in the subway, and I blink there. I’m riding in a tiny two-person subway car (in Japan still) with Crispin Glover of all random people, and he’s being neurotic like usual. We feel the tremors and get upset, but the car keeps going, and I’m concerned. The subway kind of looks like an amusement park ride, though, and it comes to an underground clearing, and I hop out because Crispin’s kvetching is annoying me to hell. I don’t need this in a damn earthquake, buddy.
Finally, I stumble outside, and the earthquake’s still going on. I see two drunk guys, and they’re making light of the situation, and it kind of annoys me, too, because I’m still looking for shelter. Then a big fucking beam flies down and impales both of them through their stomachs. I’m pretty grossed out, and now I feel bad about being annoyed by them.
I take refuge in a real amusement part I dreamt about a few nights earlier where the actor who dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow flirted with me. I think I hid under the ferris wheel. Not smart.
Then I woke up. So I guess I lived.