Don’t cling to the words to which you gave birth
Remember how many a picture is worth

Hey, I feel like shit right now, because I think I’m allergic to delicious.
I ate a delicious burger last night, but now I sort of feel like throwing up.
Then, I ignored my body’s requests to stay in bed, and I went to see Jersey Girl with my friend Tom.
If I don’t need to make a joke here about how I now need to throw up worse than before, just let me know.
Anyway, I felt bad, so I compiled this compilation of pictures for you.
Super Fantastic!!
It’s about my trip to perform comedy on the road.
I hope you enjoy me as much as I seem to.
And now, off to bed!
I’ll try not to die, but if I do, you can have my stuff.
PS – Don’t kill me because I said that.

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