Do they let cats in movie theaters?

Well, peeps, to answer the only question anyone — including everyone out here — asks, Yes, I Do Love Living in California.
It was a great plan, and I love almost every aspect of it.
The weather is like I’m on vacation every day.
Even on the rainy, smoggy, shitty days, it’s better than Pittsburgh.
Even when people constantly remind me that I’m in a stereotypically unsafe town in a stereotypically unsafe city, I’ve been known to exclaim loudly to anyone who will listen, “Well, at least people aren’t getting shot in the lobby of the movie theater I used to attend and where my ex-roommate used to work!!
As a matter of fact, I’m about to go see “Saw 2” with Melissa, and I’ll bet not even one of us is going to get cut up by a saw. I can promise you, though, that I’m probably not going to sleep tonight, even though I will have spent the duration of the movie staring at the seat in front of me.
Well, I’m going to be late and I’m afraid of Melissa, so I’d better go.
I told Scamp to bite me if I don’t update more regularly, and he agreed a little too enthusiastically and gave me a practice bite for not uploading any recent cute pictures of him lately.
So, yes, more later. Unless I get sawed to pieces at the theater.

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