I'm not really sure how I got into crafting. I am just somehow magnetically drawn to craft stores like Michael's and JoAnne Fabrics, and I walk down the aisles salivating. Then I spend a lot of money on things, so I may as well make crap out of it, right?
I also think that crafting is too often associated with grandmothers and crazy cat ladies. I wish to buck the system of that stereotype, so I try to make nerdy pop culture things. Which I guess is its own stereotype now. Crap.


What Life Looks Like As a Hot Girl
Um, I mean, I already know? Aw, man. No, I don't.
Hollywood ASST
Don't you love people making fun of the jobs you can't even get? I KNOW I SURE DO.
Do You Speak English?
I actually don't speak English, either.