Costco and Firedrills

Some new pictures for you today.
First, a few shots of my pilgrimage to the mecca of Costco.

Costco Trip

Next, some pictures from my school taken at the annual firedrill.

Japanese Firedrill

A fun fact about the firedrill — when the fire marshal safety guy lectured the students in the gym, he asked them a question at one point. Like almost every time someone asks students a question, they all remained silent for several moments. However, since I had no idea what the heck the guy was saying, I unfortunately chose that moment to scratch the underside of my arm.
The guy brightened up and pointed to me, saying one sentence I understood in Japanese: “Only one person?!”
I have no idea what I answered or admitted to doing by raising my hand. But after that, I did my best impression of blending in to the gym mats, so maybe no one noticed.

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