But not a real green dress; that’s cruel

You sit down at your personal computer and you open your handiest internet browser.
You mime through all the movements, but something just doesn’t seem right.
You shout into the vast expanse of the internet, and you hear only echos back.
Your sad, sad world spins out of control, devoid of laughter, devoid of entertainment, devoid of breasts.
Well, kids, I’m back.
I’ve been taking entirely too much time “growing up” and doing things with my life that I “should do” instead of what I want to do.
— I should go to bed when I get home from work.
— I should spend my time writing sketches for the Sketch Comedy Group I’m in.
— I should eat healthy foods.
— I should save my rent money.
Now, I’ve been doing all of those things for the past four months or so, and did we notice anything?
You all noticed less posts, sure, but in the absense of posts, you were bereft of the absolute painful stabbing HELL that my life has been!
Now, instead of doing what I should do, I am going to do the following.
— I am going to go to bed when I pass out from exhaustion and ONLY then.
— I am going to NOT write comedy sketches, and instead, LIVE my life, instead of worrying what sorts of people will hate me if I do.
— I am going to eat Fritos, because Fritos are good.
— I am going to buy lesser-known PlayStation games from my past on eBay.
Three cheers for Tetris Plus!
So, yes, I am going to read books that I like, watch anime that I’ve missed, and I’m gonna LOVE me some fucking VIDEO GAMES.
Here is where you come in.
There was a day when you couldn’t hardly walk into a Best Buy without being crushed under a pile of brilliantly fun role-playing games.
Now, every shmuck who sticks a couple pixels together and comes up with a story about a sassy young punk and his pan-weilding girlfriend who must save the world by collecting Space Crystals thinks they can get some recognition.
Well, I, personally, am tired, of you, Mr. Every Game I’ve Played Recently.
I need a GOOD adventure game or RPG NOW before my face explodes clean off of my head.
Where are all the Final Fantasy 7s? The Chrono Crosses? The Gabriel Knights?
I have a few, but I’m so scared to get into them, because giving a boring game my time and effort and abandoning it leaves me without a sense of completion, but with a complete sense of wishing for suicide rather than trudging through another fucking air-ship battle.
You were so promising…what happened to you?
So, my friends, my nerds, I implore you.
Shenmue? Buried in Time? Legend of Dragoon? Secret of Mana? These are the options I have.
Do I have anything worth my time?
If you lead me astray, I will neglect to update for four more months.

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