Busy as a HoneyBeeManor

Well, kids, I’ve been friggin busy lately.
I’ve taken up knitting, which you can all make fun of me for, and I will neglect to make you a hat.
I’ve been fixing up my site so that it works for all of you jerks with 836847638×354654635 screen resolutions.
I also now have XML or RSS or something magic that makes it so you never actually have to come here to see if I haven’t updated.
Finally, I’ve helped out my wonderful roommate by putting her life up for sale on eBay, which you can all purchase here.
Also, last night I met Jim Norton.
You can envy me in the form of purchasing things from me on eBay, or buying me interesting yarns to knit with.
Get ready to see lots of pictures of all the crap I knit!
Oh, also:

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