My dreams have been really choppy and disjointed lately. And I can’t seem to hold onto the plot even immediately after I wake up.
The weird thing is that I know I’ve been having nightmares because my jaw aches for about an hour every morning after I wake up. I can tell I’ve been clenching my teeth in my sleep, and if I’m not fully awake yet in my shower, or if I got an hour less sleep than usual, I have to consciously tell myself to stop clenching because it hurts.
In related news, I’ve also been getting less sleep. Two weeks ago, I had insomnia. I even consciously tried to get to bed earlier than usual, but I just laid there for an hour or two until I finally bored myself to sleep. I kept thinking of things that made me get out of bed. Oh, I left my phone with the alarm in the other room. Oh, I forgot to put away the ketchup. Oh, I just thought of this really funny picture to PhotoShop; I should do it before I forget; it won’t take very long.
Then I got sick. The seasons are changing here, and there are illnesses going around, but I attribute it to my lack of sleep. So in the last week, I’ve been chugging Vitamin C health drinks here and crunching delicious Vitamin C pills. I started feeling better before some of my friends, so I really think it did the trick.
I’m really busy this weekend, but hopefully not too crazy at night. I won’t be able to sleep in, but I won’t be able to have crazy late nights either.
Wow, this blog post is almost boring me to sleep. I guess I just want to track why I sometimes dream and why I don’t.
Well, I’ll tell you about the last dream I remember before my draught, on a Friday night about 2 weeks ago. In my dream, I was at this rock concert with my friend Melissa. For some reason, I wandered around to the backstage area and met some people who remind me vaguely of some old short friends I use to have. Actually, because I’m gargantuan, almost everyone is short to me, but these people were like a short crew all through school.
Anyway, I met them backstage, and we rekindled old friendships. We began trying on different sparkly outfits made, I guess, for the backup dancers? Or maybe, like, stock costumes for the venue. The rock singer was no one in particular, just a general star like Bon Jovi or something. Only, like, cool within this decade and attractive.
I spent the whole concert back there hanging out with my friends and Mr. Fake Bon Jovi (during a break in the music, I guess?), and it suddenly occurred to me that Melissa was still in the crowd. I was upset because she would have wanted to take part in the costume fun, so I went out to get her, but the crowd was cleared. The stage was gone, and it was just an old park with some swimming pools lined up. Yeah, Melissa was gonna be real pissed.
The end! More interesting dreams, I swear. Even if it means eating a chili dog and banana split right before bed.