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Scamp the Dapper Cat is ready for his party!
"It's a cake fit for a Scamp!"
Scamp tries to attack the bee.
"Did somebody say presents?"
"In this bag?"
Pupils dilated and locked on target.
Stripe Tummy POUNCE!
"A lightsaber?
Oh, a reflective collar with an engraved tag."
"It's delicious!"
"What's this?
Ice cream with Whisker Likins Cat Treats on top?"
"Tell me you won't post this picture of me."
"Mmm...frosting is essential for growing cats."
"And so are fingers!"
Admiring his reflection with his new collar.
A satisfied birthday cat.
"For party games, let's play Scamp is a Scarf!"
Shoulders are lumpy but apparently comfortable.
Glamor Cat.