Backed Up

I had a bunch of very short dreams that I didn’t feel deserve their own post, but now I’ve had so many, I can hardly remember them all.
Last night, I had a short dream about watching my friend Matt (who is a Broadway musical actor) in a movie. It was a terrible movie, and at the end, the credits said it was written and produced by Something Awful goons. Figures.
I’ve had two dreams about my very favorite teacher who recently died. He was my theater director, so they were mainly stage manager type dreams where I did something wrong. But he was there helping me along and not yelling at me, like my dreams of that nature usually are.
I had a really weird dream a few weeks ago that I’m actually hesitant to post here, because I think it’s rude to talk about religion or politics. But I’d like to record it to remember, so here we are.
I was at a party, and I knew I was going to die, but all my friends were there to help me celebrate my life. It was a really fun and upbeat event. Then I saw my friend Mike (who is also deceased and has appeared in multiple dreams) calmly told me, “It’s time” and took me away. Suddenly, I’m in purgatory, and it looks a lot like Ikea. Figures.
Here’s the offensive part. I see two of my friends who are devout atheists, just kind of shopping around in Ikea Purgatory, not really bothered either way. Mike’s telling me I have to go on to heaven, and I’m kind of shouting towards my friends “Just say you believe in God, and you can come in with me. Come on, you see the afterlife is real and heaven is this way. Just believe, and you can go!” But they don’t listen.
Sometimes my dreams are embarrassingly telling.

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