Back to the Past

This dream is pretty fresh in my mind, from about 2 nights ago.
It started out a normal Stage Manager Dream, but it was more laid-back. I was setting up the scenes and getting the props in place, but I had everything under control. I wasn’t concerned at all. I was on top of it. I say all these redundancies to stress how unusual it is for me to A) have a Theater Dream where I’m not absolutely tearing my hair out and having everyone yell at me, and B) at this point in my life where I feel so worthless and irresponsible, it’s odd for me to have a dream with really comforting feelings like this.
To add to the awesomeness, the theater was really stocked and futuristic. Like the design backstage was really slick and clean and white, and there were trapdoors and rotating stages, an elevator to the catwalks. It was really swanky.
At some point, I wandered off and ended up in some sort of sleek future hotel room with my high school BFF Kameron and her mom (my “second mom”). Kameron took me into a corner and was whispering to me about this new time travel device she wanted to show me, and I was all, “Hell, yeah, sign me up!”
I don’t know why it was a secret from her mom or anyone, really. She used to work for the FBI, so maybe that was where that seed was planted.
Anyway, so she hooks me up to this thing, and zaps me back to that exact place maybe one year or five years earlier. It’s really boring. Like laughably so. I walk around and try to look at cool stuff and proof of time travel, but it’s just a year or more. It’s the same room. Nothing big. So I start tapping my foot, waiting to get zapped back to the present.
Eventually, I do, and Kameron lets out this huge sigh of relief, and a few people are kind of freaking out in the background, ringing their hands, and running back and forth.
Turns out I had been gone a lot longer than it appeared for me, and they thought I was going to be stuck in the past forever.
Which, again, looking back while awake, I can’t imagine would have been a terrible thing. Seriously, reliving the last one to three years of my life? I’d do it in a second! I don’t know, maybe they thought they neutralized me in the time-travel process. Who knows?
That was actually a pretty cool dream.