Angry Letters to the Management

So I found this letter I wrote to, um…a company who will remain nameless in text, but know that they are a major competitor of TiVo and they could probably google negative reactions to their product, trace it back to my account, and then delete all my “Forensic Files,” replacing them with episodes of “Squidbillies,” and then I’d be sorry.
I wrote this letter because I returned the TiVo I got for Christmas and bought their $300 product that promised a $100 rebate. By February, I still hadn’t received it, and when I called customer support, they told me that my INTERNET order didn’t go through on Christmas because “the office was closed and no one probably got it.”
When I removed my palm from my forehead, I knew we were in for a long haul.
When it finally came, I sent in the receipt that I printed from their website along with the rebate form. They mailed me back and said that the receipt was not valid because it didn’t prove my purchase.
So I wrote them this pleasant letter to inform them of their mistake.
Dear < jerks >,
You denied my last rebate submission citing that I did not

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