Angry Letters to the Editor

I just sent the following letter to, and I’m just sure I’m going to get a quick and apologetic response…(eyes rolling out of my head)
Movie Spoilers ahead. A lot.
“Dear USA Today,
I just want to thank Claudia Puig for giving away the end to the Harry Potter movie.
No paragraph in a review should ever, EVER begin with “For the climactic scene in which…” and then give away a supporting character dying.
Movie reviews are getting so out of hand, that they force regular people like me to quickly flip past any movie section, lest the spread be a huge picture of the main characters and huge headline giving away a plot secret. Causing people to furiously flip past sections should be something journalists generally want to avoid.
If Claudia is so eager to brag that she saw the premiere and knows what happens or got to interview Daniel Radcliffe, I suggest she get ahead of the game and write an article on how < big spoiler I left in the letter, but am omitting here >
She should also mention to anyone who didn’t catch it a decade ago, that Keyser Soze is Kevin Spacey and the chick is really a guy from “The Crying Game.” Also: Rosebud is the name of Kane’s sled.
Why should any of us see movies anymore?
Send my thanks to Claudia Puig.”

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