And for a moment, why, I even touched the sky

Just when I thought I couldn’t have a worse night than I did on Tuesday, I went and had a night like tonight…and TOTALLY redeemed myself.
Hoo, man, I was awesome, and I don’t like saying that, but I was.
I did pretty well up front, but the crowd didn’t like dirty stuff, so instead of a big laugh on my closer, I got a loud groan of disgust. It was fine, though, because since it was such a small crowd, I could gauge individual reactions, and they all seemed to be digging me at heart, if not vociferously.
The whole front row were CMU employees and former students, which, while not big on the Semen-in-the-face humor, are huge on the Nerd Humor, both at which I am adept.
So another comic, Tom, goes up, and when he doesn’t get a laugh, he asks the crowd if they go on IM, and when they said they did, he asked them if they knew what LOL meant.
When they answered “Laughing out loud,” he asked why the fuck weren’t they doing it in a comedy show.
So I got up there when he was finished and tried to lighten the mood a bit by saying “I think you guys are LOLing just fine! WTF, Tom?”
And they ate it right out of my hands.
I look forward to the teaspoon of codine I get to take when I get home to keep me from keeping myself awake coughing all night.
I hate people who blog about drug use, but this shit is legal, and it is a BARREL of fun.
The first night I took it, I spent the next hour and a half lying in my bed, then sitting up real fast and giggling, and repeat.
On a fucking TEASPOON. This is why I don’t take real drugs, people.

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