I got second place. :)
Yaayy!! Imagine little confetti bits flying and balloons floating and midgets dancing. I got second place. Second place is AWESOME.
First place is awesomer, and that’s not even a word, but I got second and that is just fine by me.
It was the best set I’ve ever done in my entire life and in front of the best crowd I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I swear before God and all of you that this is the best feeling ever and this is what I want to do with my life.
Before the final count came in, part of me was like “You know, I don’t even care how this turns out, because I just feel like I did so freaking awesome, and that’s enough for me” and it honestly was. Then another part of me was like “Okay, but if you can’t even place after the best set of your whole life, what the fuck is the point?” Then that first part of me was like “SHUT UP, COCKSUCKER, THIS IS *MY* HOUSE!” and the second part was all “Aiight, aiight, I ain’t here to start nothin’.” And so it went until the winners were announced.
Third was the delightful Rachel MacDowell, whom I’ve admired since I started, and it makes me very happy that she placed with me. First was a young lad by the name of Brian SomeThingOrOther who in all honesty did a very good set and is a very nice person, by which I mean he did a very good set and is not a very nice person.
I’m sorry, dude, I’m all about having game-faces and zoning and shit, but next time I jump up to you before the show and put out my hand and say what’s up all excitedly, and you walk away and sulk in your little corner, like you have in the last three contests, I’m going to take a hint from your sophomoric scatological obsession and shove a mic stand up so far up your ass, you’ll be crapping feedback, and that insult doesn’t even make SENSE, that’s how mad you make me.
I’m glad he won, he did a better set than me, but mean people suck.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, yay!
I was a ball of nerves, like usual, and the Improv staff must think I have a digestive problem for the number of times I sprinted to the bathroom for a last minute run-through of my set.
Anyway, it was good, good times, and I am happy.
Afterward, I stopped by the Green Room, and just as I’d hoped, the three silouhettes I saw in the window that I thought were workers closing up, were actually Vic, Tom, and Brett and I went in to share my good news. (You like that for a shuotout, Brett P-i-n-t-a-d-o?)
So I went out to some Eat N Park somewhere with Tom and had a delightful talk about the new direction of the Funny Bone, and viva la revolution!
Okay, well, I’d love to gloat for a little longer, but I have to go to the airport to try and eat turkey and avoid my family as much as possible so’s I can play FF X-2. Peace out, homies. Back on Freitag.

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