Ain’t no joy like a big-butt boy

I’m still loving the job.
Is it supposed to wear off soon?
Aren’t I supposed to be embittered and disdainful and cynical?
All in good time? Oh, good, I was starting to worry.
I’ve been emailing comics, and most of them are emailing back.
Felicia’s been doing this for a while, and it just never occured to me.
I mean, like, back in MY day when the internet was just knee-high to a grasshopper, you could probably go to and email Danny, but you sure as hell weren’t gonna get a response.
And that was back before spam, so you didn’t even get the courtesy of being added to some asshole’s mailing list.
So, as the years passed, the idea of actually emailing a celebrity was beyond me, but I forgot that comics as a whole, are desparately lonely people, and even if it means cracking a lame joke in a one-lined response to get a laugh, then so be it.
I’m still doing comedy every night.
I’m not getting any funnier, but I am getting more…sleep deprived.
I’m loving the stage time. It’s true what everyone says. Just never leave a stage.
I feel like I’m copping-out telling the same lame-ass jokes every day for a month on not-as-many different stages, but I really can tell the difference.
Tonight, I got to witness one of the most beautiful things ever.
I was in a contest at a little sporty bar downtown with, mostly a bunch of hooligans and drug-addicts, but also my good buddy Bill Heyward.
Remember that name, folks. You’ll be seeing him soon.
I can’t remember how long he’s been doing comedy — at least a year longer than me — but how far he’s come in this last year is so amazing to think of.
I hope he doesn’t compete in the Funny Bone contest with me…
Anyway, he got right up onstage — and he’s a portly fella — and immediatly shot out a remark talking about how happy he was that the prize was a refrigerator; he could always use an extra.
I don’t know if it was that comment, or his confident personality, or the way the moons are aligned, but after that first thing he said, he could do no wrong.
The audience was literally screaming with laughter.
SCREAMING. Clapping and howling. It was amazing.
And I think my heart grew three sizes that day.
So, I guess someone I know is going to die real soon.
This sort of happiness always freaks me out.