A short lunch play.

INT. Teachers’ Room — Day
LAUREN sits at her desk, quietly eating her lunch of PRINGLES and a PEANUT BUTTER AND HONEY SANDWICH. It looks really good.
SPORTS SENSEI rounds the corner with a devious grin on his face, ready to make fun of her lunch for the millionth day in a row. He cannot speak ENGLISH very well. He sees the knife used for peanut buttering and GASPS dramatically.
Lauren laughs. Sports sensei comes closer, pointing to the knife.
LAUREN: No, no threat.
Sports sensei frowns and nods, looking sternly relieved.
A few minutes pass. Sports sensei casually walks past Lauren’s desk again. His eyes widen when he sees the delicious Pringles.
SPORTS SENSEI: Duck mouth?
Lauren is crunching on a chip. She looks CONFUSED.
SPORTS SENSEI: Duck mouth.
Lauren smiles, possibly with chips in her teeth.
LAUREN: Yes, duck mouth.
Sports sensei raises his arm and POINTS at her, menacingly.
SPORTS SENSEI: Duck mouth!!!
Lauren jumps in her seat, grabs two Pringles and puts them back to back, making a duck mouth out of them. She puts them into her own mouth. She QUACKS.
SPORTS SENSEI: Yes. Thank you.

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