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Here’s the thing that sucks about World of Warcraft.
I’ve got a bunch of things to do today. Most of them enjoyable, all of them need to get done, but not necissarily today.
They range from things like “catch up on the news” to “relax with some Tivo’d episodes of Forensic Files” to “finish knitting that tank top” and “make that link sidebar and caption page I’ve been working on for six months.” Also in and out skirts “play Super Mario 2, because the song keeps running through my head” and “fire up Kotor 2 and Prince of Persia just to say hello.”
Along with that comes “Just use up your rested experience on WoW to level, then turn it off and get the rest of the crap done.”
Herein lies the problem. So easy is it for me to fire up WoW (I don’t even have to click an RCA switcher to toggle from my PS2 to my Xbox or SNES!) and so mindless (I don’t have to wrack my brain through code or try to think of a funny caption!) that I usually end up playing WoW, no matter what my day’s agenda is.
And don’t even get me started on forming parties in game.
From some depths inside my persona, I have awakened such a loyalty to my teammates “NightRAVIN” and “RickJamesBitch,” that I will spend hours upon hours defending their honor, ironically blowing off my REAL friends to do so, but let’s be honest, when are *they* probably going to invade a camp of Orcs and need my help, hm?
So…I’m going to go use up my rested experience and THAT’S ALL.
Well, also, I just caught a pet Raptor I named JeffGoldblum and I should work on gaining his loyalty.
Also I just got a new cape and I should walk around populated villages so everyone can see how pretty I am.

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